Order Reunion Photos

This page contains:

1) Information on how to order the following from Reunion Photographers:

  • Individual Photographs
  • Class Group Photo
  • Candid Picture CD
  • Souvenir Reunion Memory Book

2) How to get the DVD that Michael Broschat produced

Reunion Photographers of Santa Ana, California, provided photography services for our reunion. They have 37 years of experience serving over 3800 high school and military reunions.  

For those not able to attend or those who did not submit a form at the reunion, click on "Order Photos" at this link: http://reunionphotographers.net

Individual Portrait Photography:  Portraits were taken of you and your guests soon after you checked in at the reception table.  These pictures are assembled along with candid photos, group and location pictures into the memory book.  Proofs and order forms are sent to you following the reunion.

Souvenir Reunion Memory Book:  

Our full color memory book will memorialize your reunion and capture those memories of a lifetime. They will contain photos of the committee, candid photos from your event, all of the formal portraits, a "Letter from the Committee" page, an "In Memory" page, the "Class Directory", and a "High School Memories" and "Classmates We Missed" page.

An option is offered to non-attendees to enclose a small photograph of yourself or your family, which will be added to the Memory Book, making sure to print your full name on the reverse side of the photo.

Class Group Photo: Was taken prior to the dinner service.  

The Candid Picture CD:  This compact disc will contain 60-70 candid pictures taken during the reunion, including location shots, memorabilia, and additional photos that capture the fun and enjoyment of the evening.

Message from Mike Broschat:

Film on the Westmont Class of 1965

Sometime before the reunion, I made a film to commemorate our anniversary.  The film tells a wee bit about how Westmont came about and where we came from. After a couple interviews, it flips through our yearbook.  A ten-minute final segment looks a bit at changes since we left school.  The film is free and is available both online and also via DVD disc.  Personally, I prefer the disc, as if gives more control over what you're seeing and when.

The film is currently available on Vimeo at this link: https://vimeo.com/134376054

That works for any device that can enter a Web address.

To obtain a DVD (which works best on most entertainment systems), a user has two choices:

1 - make your own

2 - get me to send you one

If you can make a DVD from an ISO file, then download the ISO file at:


If you want me to make one for you, send $5 to:

   Michael Broschat

   1128 23rd Ave

   Longview, WA  98632